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turtle dove

August 17, 2013

I think about Christmas trees more that the average person.  All through the year.  Many of my ideas originate from my favorite childhood tree decorations.  The kind we now call vintage.  Like these pretty birds.


I wish I had these pretty blue birds from my childhood Christmas tree.  But since I do not I decided to make a home sweet homemade version using repurposed paper (naturally).



I drafted the concept in my sketchbook while I was on a business trip last week.  After I came home, I made a prototype, then finalized the design.




here’s the how-to (below), in case you know someone who might like to give it a try.  But if you’re in Houston and would like to pick up one of mine, I plan to be selling these (and other) paper goodies at the CreekFest craft market on October 12th.




step 1 – draw your shape and cut out a template.  Trace around the template on any heavy paper – make 2 bodies and 2 wings.

step 2 – you could paint or decorate your bird, but I love paper stripe collage, so that’s what I did.  I used shades of white printed paper and glued the stripes to the fronts of each piece, then trimmed around the edges.

step 3 – apply glitter paint, of course.

step 4 – make a pretty tail and glue the 2 bodies together, tucking the bottom tab of the tail inside.

step 5 – glue 3 pieces of lightweight cardboard together to make a spacer, then glue the spacer to the underside of each wing before gluing the wings to the body.

step 6 – punch a small hole at the top of the wings and pull a thread through to create a hanging loop.


that’s it!  My own version of the Christmas turtle dove, inspired by the vintage bird ornaments I remember so well.


hope you’re having a beautiful weekend.  thanks very much for stopping by 🙂





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