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landscape – a year later

July 14, 2013

last year, just about this time, I started taking landscape planning more seriously, realizing that those wonderfully picturesque yards featured in Better Homes & Gardens required a lot of planning and execution.


I took a photo a year ago, identifying several goals for improving the yard.  I can hardly believe my eyes, looking back at it.


The plants have grown a lot and my priorities keep changing as I live and work in the evolving landscape.  Let’s start with area “C” in the photo.  Here it is today, literally today.



We relocated potted plants to other areas and installed a perennial garden outside the hardscape.  It features nectar plants that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.


We also moved the bench to the other side of the pool and addressed the other incoherent garden patch I’d planted before.


Previously, I had a mixture of plants that didn’t complement one another.  This cobblestone extension of the hardscape keeps an assortment of attractive blooming plants that I can rotate seasonally.


Area A, the kitchen garden, was the first thing I planted last fall and my lesson learned this year is not to use this area for tomatoes.  The plants are out of control.


That big green blob next to the orange arrow?  That is a tomato plant.  And yes, it outgrew the tomato cage a long time ago and it’s now growing up into the holly tree.


Well, we have been enjoying fresh tomatoes.  But still, it’s supposed to be an herb garden.  Lesson learned.


We’ve not yet gotten to area D in the original photo — you can see it below near the rear fence —


Haven’t done much out near the rear fence yet, but for now the improvements in the other areas give me plenty of reasons to smile 🙂




thanks for reading and hope you had a lovely weekend!


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  1. July 14, 2013 10:04 pm

    this is certainly “HG Worthy” honestly, you did such a great job! i hope your sense of accomplishment in regards to this project never fails 🙂

  2. July 15, 2013 7:31 pm

    WOW. Seriously…huge difference in how the space feels and looks. That’s an amazing transformation. Be pleased and proud…very cool. Even the monster tomato. LOL!!!

  3. July 22, 2013 4:28 pm

    Wow, looks so inviting, but didn’t look bad before. I know exactly what you are going through. We are doing some landscaping ourselves, and it is a slow go. But our place is a real mess. You have done a wonderful job here.
    Such gorgeous flowers you have all around!

  4. July 24, 2013 8:42 pm

    looking very inviting 😀

  5. August 14, 2013 10:12 am

    That is one amazing tomato plant! And I love your yard! Happy day to you!


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