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1950s hand-me-downs

June 28, 2013

Some belongings from a beloved family member have lately found themselves in need of a new home.  My sweet Cristybella adores that  mid-century vintage look.


I love it too.  Shakes things up a little bit.


Two of the pieces that were my least favorite are now apparently on trajectory to get repurposed.  The first is one of those kitchy telephone benches.  And the 2nd is an odd lamp.  Not honestly sure if it is in working order.



After looking at it for several weeks, I developed a fondness for this quirky little bench and decided to relocate it to the guest bedroom.




It looks sort of sweet in this room and fits in perfectly as a bedside companion table.

The orange stained wood is not my favorite, but I suspect there’s a way to alter it that won’t be too over-the-top.   We’ll see.


Jury’s still out on the lamp – not quite sure it is in working order.  If so, I’ll try something.  🙂


summer projects on the way…

enjoy your weekend!


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  1. June 29, 2013 6:12 am

    Awww…….I remember those benches well. One lived in the home of my step-mother. You’ve made a home for it–now it’s a matter of claiming it. I’m sorta at that point where I’m considering updating some older pieces (good solid pieces) with some paint and some distressing. All sorts of ‘stuff’ out there for painting furniture–but I’m one who stripped layers of it off antique oak pieces to go to the natural wood. LOL So I’m NOT so sure about being the one who paints over wood!
    It’ll be fun repurposing! And I think the little bench looks quite happy in it’s new spot.

    • July 2, 2013 9:19 pm

      coincidentally, I just tried stripping gel for the first time a couple of weeks ago. it was a little bit of work, but simple bare wood on this piece might be the best approach. I would feel more certain with this choice if it didn’t have those turned legs and rungs. I’m still waiting for the idea for the finished look formulate inside my head. 🙂
      thanks & I’d love to see the results of your own furniture refinishing!

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