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finding the humor

July 29, 2012

The Round Top antiques market yielded a few unexpected finds in 2011, one of which was a tall clock cabinet.  That I just adore.


no clock, naturally, just the cabinet…

but I was optimistic.  Until I had to figure out how to purchase clock parts and gears and motor components and all sorts of minutae.  Six months later I opted for plan B:  humor.

This past spring at the Round Top antiques market, I purchased the largest vintage alarm clock I could find.  Never mind that it doesn’t work.  We’ve got other clocks.  This one is just for fun.

I think it’s a good complement to the collection of old wristwatches adorning the adjacent mirror.

Since the alarm clock was clearly too small for the space, I propped it up on a book and a block of yardstick fragments glued together.

Definitely good for a smile.

Thanks for dropping by – hope you have a wonderful week ahead!




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  1. July 29, 2012 12:11 pm

    Love the idea Plan B! Great blog 🙂

  2. July 29, 2012 1:02 pm

    Diane, you’re sense of creativity is so inspiring!

    Yes, I remember last year when you purchased that tall clock which you transformed into a cabinet. I love what you did by placing your recent alarm clock purchase WITHIN the clock cabinet itself.

    “Since the alarm clock was clearly too small for the space, I propped it up on a book and a block of yardstick fragments glued together.”


    And I also love how it ties in with the collection of old wristwatches on the adjacent mirror.

    Way to go, girl!

    Hope you’re enjoying a fabulous weekend!

    X to you and C!

  3. Vintage Living Magazine permalink
    July 29, 2012 1:26 pm

    Beautiful use of a great antique find! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. July 30, 2012 7:18 pm

    a gorgeous piece even without a clock!

  5. August 1, 2012 7:55 pm

    Oh, my gosh~that is so cute! I love Big Ben’s, and he’s certainly got a great place to sit. 🙂

  6. August 9, 2012 11:50 pm

    Hi Diane – It’s gorgeous! And I absolutely love the whimsy of setting the clock inside the clock. I also saw this today and it so reminded me of you….

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