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a landscape plan

July 6, 2012

I never thought I would be one of those people who enlist professional support to plan a landscape.  I thought that if you read a few issues of BHG and got together some tools, mulch, miracle gro, and pretty flowers, a lush and perfectly proportioned landscape would soon appear.


Shortly, Ed Hilla from Native Texas Wildscapes will be here to filter through my misguided fantasy and create an actual landscape plan for this yard I love so well.


Sadly, my well intentioned efforts are not well thought out.  I have to admit my checkerboard approach to gardening does not contribute to a cohesive landscape.  The yard is pretty darned big for a residential lot.  And despite my best efforts, I’m stumped.

landscape architecture drawing from Teas Nursery

I don’t have the experience to even imagine landscape options suitable for the dimensions of this yard.


What do I want?  oh …. just about everything.

Like pathways that beckon you to take a stroll ….

image from The Backyard Gardener in Houston

a well designed kitchen garden ….

image from Leyendecker Landscape

of course, plenty of colorful blossoms ….

via the Houston Chronicle, Oct 9, 2007

and plantings to support the bird and wildlife habitat we are trying to nourish here.

photo by Nick de la Torre, Houston Chronicle

I’m hoping that Mr. Hilla has the answers for us in his bag of tricks.  Pretty please!
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  1. July 8, 2012 5:16 pm

    Ohhhhhhh… there’s something I’ve not had to experience, but it sounds like great fun!

    I came from a home with a very hefty yard and lots of landscaping…..and then moved into a wee one story home with a wee yard. (planning for my old age, dontchaknow….LOL) Landscaping not required–it’s all of 40 minutes to mow….and trim. 😉 I like it that way.

    But what fun for the two of you!! And I’m going to hope the fella came with all sorts of cool ideas.
    I’ll look forward to watching it evolve. (it’ll have seashells and searocks, I just know it!) 🙂


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