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breast cancer awareness

October 8, 2011

The other day I read an article about a school teacher named Courtney Hubbard from Ocean Springs, MS.  She’s a survivor.  A breast cancer survivor.  She discovered her cancer early at a screening in her doctor’s office and this courageous young woman became a cancer fighter.   She got on an airplane once per week and flew to Houston to participate in a clinical trial where she received a chemo treatment that proved effective for her tumor.

Image courtesy of The Mississippi Press/Susan Ruddiman

I’m almost crying as I write this.  I hear about cancer patients from time to time who do not pursue aggressive treatment for their disease.   They wait.  They wait until their body has no strength left to fight.

I took this photo last month in the waiting room of the breast clinic when I had a mammogram.  The origami crane is a well recognized symbol of hope.

October is breast cancer awareness month, reminding us that there is hope.  Our best hope at cancer prevention is screening.  If you are over 50, you need to have a mammogram screening.  If you are under 50 but have an elevated risk for breast cancer due to family history, you need to have a mammogram screening.

Don’t wait.

If you know someone who has received a diagnosis, please encourage them to receive oncology care from a comprehensive cancer treatment center.

Don’t wait.



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