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rockin Texas decor at the Austin Hilton

July 27, 2011

here at the Austin Hilton, attending an industry conference, I keep noticing wonderful furnishings both here in the hotel and elsewhere.  Take these awesome illuminated sculptures, for example.

Then there are these two wonderful paintings of cowboy boots.  They’re ginormous.  i absolutely LOVE them.


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  1. July 28, 2011 12:30 am

    “here at the Austin Hilton, attending an industry conference, I keep noticing wonderful furnishings both here in the hotel and elsewhere.”

    Genuis is right! All three of these ROCK! I especially like those illuminated sculptures!

    Often, I’ve seen some pretty wonderful furnishings in hotels too. In Atlantic City, they have a casino/hotel called The Borgata. OMG…you would die because the lobby is FULL of amazing furnishings – all from Italy.

    Hope you had a wonderful day, dear friend!

    X to you and cristybella!

  2. July 28, 2011 1:44 pm

    Those are really high impact! I had to look at the second one of the boots for a minute before I could really see what it was. Very cool!

    I’ve seen a few tutorials on how to make the string globes. They look like they’d be fun to make!


  1. cowboy boots « home sweet homemade

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