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blooming this week

April 5, 2014

the delicate white blossoms of the Chinese Fringe tree  surprised us this week.





this young tree is new to the landscape, but there is plenty of room for it to branch out.  we look forward to many more spring seasons of these lovely snowflake flowers.


the blue spires (salvia) are lifting their pretty heads to open




and the low growing sedum are beginning to produce brilliant yellow flowers.  this plant is one of our favorites as a bedding plant ground cover and flowerpot spiller.




hope you have a wonderful weekend & thank you for reading!


lounge lizard

April 1, 2014

In this early spring season the perennials are waking from their dormant state, some more quickly than others.  Our garden friends are visiting again too – honey bees, solitary bees and bumble bees, along with a wide assortment of birds and squirrels.


Daily watering helps push the plants along their hypergrowth trajectory.  Yesterday I passed by the rosemary shrub on the edge of the kitchen garden, a dozen times, watering bucket in hand.  Each time I spied this tiny anole.  She was nonchalantly lounging on a piece of mulch caught in the rosemary fronds.  And wasn’t too terribly concerned as I pulled out the iPhone camera either.


Definitely a lounge lizard.





enjoy your week :)


Sunday garden helpers

March 30, 2014

Lexie and Tristan enjoy this beautiful Sunday, even though it’s another day of yard chores — the annual spring fertilizing and irrigation system tune-up.  Not fun for humans, but lots of fun for dogs.



Many of our plants are attempting to recover from the late season ice storm several weeks ago.  The freak storm cost us dearly and we lost 3 trees.   Which prompted us to plant 5 new ones, in addition to the 3 we planted in February.


Current blooming garden friends include my favorite autumn sage salvia, treeform hawthorn (majestic), spirea, and supertunia.  Blue spires salvia and yellow sedum will be blooming by next week.


Many more to follow after that.  Keeping a blooming yard is crazy hard work.  Gardening magazines make it look ridiculously easy.  They lie.  But I keep hoping for the gardening gods to deliver a miracle.


Hope you are enjoying your weekend & thank you for dropping by!


re:purpose shaker quilt hanger

March 8, 2014

the butler pantry connecting the kitchen and dining room has enjoyed a small facelift this past year after finding new life as a spacious coffee bar.  We lowered the ceiling by installing two oversized pendant lights and just recently placed some visual interest on the opposite wall.




A shaker quilt hanger had been collecting dust in the back of my clothes closet.  The knobs on this compression hanger are perfect hooks for hanging artwork.




A friendly chalkboard (made with cardboard boxes) helps add some snap along with a rotation of vacation photos.  I framed them only with a paper mat and fixed a loop of string to the back.

It’s my favorite coffee spot in the world :)


thanks for stopping by today!


planning for a baby shower

January 19, 2014

normally around this time of year I would be making valentines.  But this year we’re planning for a baby shower in February and since this is my first experience with a themed celebration I need to devote extra time to the planning and execution.  The beloved book, The Little Prince, is the theme.


So to that end, we’ll have streamers made of stars ….



an adorable cake topper.

via Le Petit Prince boutique


quotes from the book …



roses under a glass dome …

source: A Fabulous Fete


and the requisite fox or two.

source: TidwellHollowFriends


All central to the beautiful story.  With any luck, I’ll be able to get some photos along the way and share the storybook event itself.

Thank you so much for reading!


winter gardening chores

January 12, 2014

Just 1 week after a hard freeze, the kind this zone 8b/9a landscape isn’t exactly equipped to handle, I have the sad but necessary chore of cutting back the damage.  Plenty of life remains and the plants will spring back.  It just looks awfully bleak.



So while I continue to tend to this chore over the next several weeks, I’ll be enjoying the cool-loving plants prospering here at the moment



and making mental plans for cultivating seeds that will grow in the kitchen garden and cutting garden this year


joe pye weed


bee balm

pot marigold

dreaming of flowers, honeybees and butterflies

thank you for reading!



downtown on a winter afternoon – part 1

January 5, 2014

between packing up dozens of boxes of Christmas decorations and freeze-proofing the house and bedding plants, a window of opportunity presented itself for a downtown photo op.  These images are from the roofs of two parking garages.






More than half the images are still in the camera waiting for a little pre-download perspective correction.  Soon…maybe.

Thank you for stopping by!



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